An All-Consuming Passion for Jesus

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Passion is not about any particular cause. It is about the fame of Jesus. Only boast in the cross of Christ. This is a single idea. A single goal for life. A single passion; one passion lived out! Uniting the aim of every Passion conference is the annual challenge from the students: So how do I live out this single, all-consuming passion for Christ in my own life? What does this look like on my campus, and in my busy schedule? Answering this challenge has been a theme in Piper's messages over the years. To breathe fresh life into this theme, and extend its reach further, we collected four of Piper's pivotal messages from the Passion conferences - including "Boasting Only in the Cross" and three others — into our newest ebook: An All-Consuming Passion for Jesus: Appeals to the Rising Generation.

Book Title An All-Consuming Passion for Jesus
Author Amy-P
Date Published 2018-10-06
Publisher Not Listed
Tags Holy Spirit



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