Magazine Writers

The Shuzia Magazine is a monthly release curated with enlightening content tailored for devoted followers of Christ, delving into diverse themes inspired by God's word.

Our magazine writers actively contribute by suggesting topics related to each month’s theme before embarking on their writing journey. After careful review of the proposed topics, writers select their preferred subjects and bring them to life within a set timeframe.


Steps to Join Shuzia Magazine Writers

Begin Your Journey: Start by getting acquainted with the Shuzia universe. This introduction will help you understand the values of Shuzia. Start your journey here

Complete the Onboarding Process: Go through the onboarding process, which is designed to familiarize you with Shuzia’s core principles.

Join the Writers Group: Once you’ve completed the onboarding, you’ll find a link to join the magazine writers’ group. Introduce yourself and stay engaged with the group’s messages to kickstart your writing journey.