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Love And Worship
Duration :5.17 - Size:7.58 MB
My Confession - REPRISE
Duration :5.09 - Size:6.31 MB
You Are Good
Duration :5.13 - Size:6.36 MB
Shout It Loud
Duration :4.26 - Size:5.35 MB
Duration :4.95 - Size:9.54 MB
The Love Medley
Duration :3.69 - Size:5.55 MB
I Love You

And I worship You / With all of my heart, my mind, my soul

And I adore You / With the life You gave to me

I will sing Your praise / Glory to Your Name / Glory to Your Name


Jesus You are wonderful / You are wonderful to me

Jesus You are wonderful/ You are wonderful to me


You are wonderful to me / You are wonderful to me

You are wonderful to me / You are wonderful to me




Praise You now / Lift Your name

Worthy of my praise / Draw near to Your endless love / Glorious in all You do


Sovereign One, most high / Father I love to praise Your holy name

Master of the universe / Mighty God, great King / Be thou glorified


Lord You are good, Your mercies endures  / Your name is matchless and You’re mighty in power

How pleasant it is to sing of Your praise / And I’ll lift You higher / Lord God I’ll lift You higher


I know Your word is ever true / Quick and powerful

I stand right now on Your word / Surest rock of all


And all I have to say is thank You / (For what You’ve done for me)

You’ve been so good / (Yesterday, today, forever)

For Your mercy and / (And Your grace and love)

No one compares to You, compares to You


No one compares to You / Compares to You




Worthy are You / The power of God

We bow at Your feet / In awe of Your majesty

we lay our crowns / beautiful one

we ascribe all / glory and honour to Your name


There's nobody greater than You Lord / There's nobody wiser than You Lord

I'm gonna shout it Loud / Your name above all names


Holy are You Lord / Worthy is Your name


We worship / We worship

We worship / We worship You




Thank You for Your grace / Marvelous grace over me

I have seen all of Your mercies and love in my life / Even when I didn't deserve any oh

Oh Lord You have never failed / To pour Your love over me


Grace...  God's riches at Christ's expense/the whole essence of our christian life/the more blessings we get that we don't deserve...  check it

If we start to count on who's account do we get from/irrespective of where we from

He makes rain fall on the just and unjust/His love is so robust, can't get enough... For Him I bust... Rhymes of thanksgiving/so many men are living lives based on lies... Some switch to crime/they say the rich don't cry but 24/7 they protect themselves scared to die/it's been a while I asked why...

The rich die young and the bad survive

Can't explain the world, call it the mystery of life

Emotions run deep, you can feel it inside

Drowning in the ocean of love, swept by the tide


My Lord Jesus got me, thought He forgot me 'cause sometimes when I fall it's difficult to stand tall/blow tantrums that I'm God's son/it's a sad thing

Denying Him is a mad thing/how did Peter do that thing

But that's when grace calls to cover up your flaws

Mercy says no, by the power of the blood

Drinking, getting high in the spoken word of the Lord

My old self's been put to the sword

Old things have passed away/can't pass a day, without getting a good dose of God's grace

So real, can't be faked/irrespective of your level of faith/I'm talking Christian kinda faith

So many Christians can relate/and if you can't relate

Don't get it twisted no debate no debate


Where would I be without Your grace / Oh wonderful grace

Thank You for Your warm embrace

Amazing grace, so sweet




You love me especially different /  You keep me on my feet

happily, excited / Your touch / Your hand / Your style / Your intelligence

You kept me, never left me / You taught me

give me something to think about

(and that's why)


I love You forever / I love You forever / I love You forever Lord


I love You Jesus / I worship and adore You

just want to tell You / Lord I love You more than anything




I've been around the world / Searching for someone - I could call my true love, oh my love

Someone who I could - rely on with all of my heart / Someone who loves me for me

Now time was ticking - and it felt like you were slipping away

Desperate to reach you, to know you - I called out your name

And in the distance - uh the sight of your beautiful face / You were coming my way - my way


When you came into my life / All the darkness turned to light

And I know though times get rough / Everything will be alright with you

'cos this love we share / Nothing can compare

I know, you know, we both know


Take a walk with me / I want you to be mine

I hope you see the signs / That I love you endlessly

I love you endlessly


I never had enough / Never thought I'd be the one / Who would fall in love

But you stole my heart away / Baby I am yours, endlessly

Darling I vow / To always stand by my words

Be the man you need and you love

Together we will win / Forever you and me



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August 14 2018 - 17:48pm
The intros of all the songs in the LOVE AND WORSHIP are marvelous. The outros ended professionally. The suspense in YOU ARE GOOD towards the end of this song is mind-blowing. The rhythm of MY CONFESSION, GRACE and I LOVE YOU are pronounced in the rhythm and blues genre of music. YOU ARE GOOD and SHOUT IT LOUD are pronounced in the soft rock genre of music. THE LOVE MEDLEY is subtle in the soul genre of music. GRACE has a flowing rap in the hip hop genre. The melody of the six songs are interesting. The lead vocal is clear, warm and expressive. Clifford's breath control, modulation, legato, vibrato and pronunciations are great. The backup vocals are in harmony with each other, stylish and heartfelt. All the lyrics of these songs except THE LOVE MEDLEY are original. The lyrics of THE LOVE MEDLEY are a replica of HE LOVES ME by Jill Scott. Replicating the lyrics and melody of a song and selling it is a copyright infringement if you did not seek the permission of the copyright owners before recording your own version. Singing your own version in a gospel form is not an excuse. However, the accompanying female vocalist complemented Clifford in this song beautifully. All the lyrics are inspiring and heartwarming. The song structures are simple albeit complex in their performances. The musical accompaniments are rhythmic, smooth, compelling, creative and imaginative. I LOVE YOU, the only love song in this album is particularly captivating to me. The recording and production qualities of all the songs except SHOUT IT LOUD are great. The background of SHOUT IT LOUD is noisy and rough. This affected the production of this song. The overall performances of all the songs are powerful. The overall volume is loud and clear. Clifford is a talented, imaginative and skillful music artiste. I rate this album, 9/10. Keep writing great songs and keep singing. Cheers!
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