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We are a dynamic Christian creative community and digital media store with the sole purpose of spreading the gospel of Jesus

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In a world where lines are increasingly blurred, we stand as a beacon, offering a canvas for your creative expressions. We foster a community that uplifts, inspires, and brings positive change.

We enable Christians from different churches and ministries to connect, share and experience God in an entirely new way. Additionally, you have the opportunity to contribute your own content, whether it’s a magazine, book, poetry, testimony, or any other form of creative expression.

Your Creative Expression Matters

Join the Shuzia community, a place where your unique voice matters, and creative expression finds a home.

Read with Shuzia Books

Love’s Adventure – A Journey Through The Brambles

In the haunting echoes of a shattered promise, memories of shared moments vanish like smoke, consumed by her hariotry. El-Hava's world shatters as he confronts the painful truth. Yet his unwavering determination catapults him into...

The Deeper Christian Life

The first and chief need of our Christian life is, Fellowship with God. The Divine life within us comes from God, and is entirely dependent upon Him....

Ashes & Scars

Ashes & Scars" follows Mike, whose life crumbles from betrayal and loss. In the face of darkness, he discovers hope through resilience, redemption, and the transformative power of faith.....

Ayanfe Beloved

Ibidun has a thriving career and belongs to a Bible-believing assembly. Her life takes a dive when she meets Silas whose influence leads her into a new path that almost destroys her. Ayanfe is a...

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The Creatives Issue

In this Issue, we invite you to embark on a journey into the fascinating world of creativity—a realm where inspiration, imagination, and the pursuit of excellence unite to glorify God. Just as our Creator has bestowed upon us the gift of creativity, we, in turn, employ it to celebrate His magnificence and infinite wonder.

The Politics Issue

In this dynamic and ever-evolving world, the intersection of faith and politics holds a profound significance for Christians. Our faith calls us to engage with the world around us, seeking to bring about positive change while remaining firmly grounded in the teachings of Christ. 

The New You Issue

Within the pages of this edition, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Whether you're seeking inspiration for a fresh perspective, exploring wellness practices to nurture your mind and body, or contemplating ways to enhance your daily life, the New You Issue is designed to be your companion on this transformative quest.

Share and Read Inspiring Testimonies

The iTestify app is an amazing app that makes it super easy for you to share and read life-changing testimonies to help you in your walk with God.
Our Creator Programs are meticulously crafted to not only fuel your passion but also liberate your distinctive voice.

We Empower Creators to Create

Writing Competition

Our Writers Competition is more than a contest; it’s a celebration of excellence and individual expression. Here, writers have the opportunity to compete, express themselves, and vie for fantastic prizes.

Writing Bootcamp

The Writers Boot camp is your sprint to literary excellence. It is an intensive writing experience that hones your skills, refines your style, and elevates your craft.

Magazine & Book Accelerator Programs

This Program offers a well detailed step-by-step guide, platform, resources to help creatives’ bring their books or magazines to life.

Writers Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program offers a supportive environment to foster your growth as a writer. It connects you with seasoned mentors who are devoted to guiding you on your writing journey.

Inside Shuzia

David The Creative Meastro

King David is a legendary, multifaceted creative, divinely bequeathed with physical and spiritual capacities—a prolific harp player, poet, skilled lyricist, Spirit-filled musician and psalmist, plus,…

Origin of Creativity

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters. And the Spirit…

Top 5 Creative Christian Movies

If you’re anything like me, then you probably believe that movies have the incredible power to inspire, move, and even transform us. They can take…

Stewarding the Ultimate Miracle

The Christmas narrative unfolds with a divine announcement, reaching its zenith when Mary, a young and humble virgin, was chosen to bear the Savior. The…

Navigating the Writing Process

Elevate Your Writing Career with Shuzia SEO Bootcamp!